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TRISARA chooses to be Natural, Safe, and Clean.
We select organic waxing products. Those natural gifts from mother nature are gentle and pleasant to our sensitive areas. Our goal is to provide smooth skin with minimum pain. 
We use, a high performing yet gentle type of Hot Wax to reduce pain and redness in our delicate areas. (Every individual is different and waxing effects will vary)
We use disposable spatula each time, and never double dip. We sterilize our tools with alcohol and UV lights. 

☆Waxing Menu☆
  Full Brazilian ¥6,800
  Landing Strip  ¥7,300
  Bikini ¥4,500

Please Read (ご注意)
If you wish to trim your pubic hair before the wax session, please keep at least 1.5cm long. It makes it difficult to remove your hair if it is too short. 
We recommend you to return for your 2nd session approximately 4weeks after your first. 

We are sorry, but we can not treat you if you are experiencing;
Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Infectious Disease, Blood disorder, Skin disorder.
Also when you are on your period, or first trimester pregnancy. 

☆EcoTan®Organic Spray Tanning☆
TRISARA is the official Eco Tan distributor in Japan and all the products that we import from Australia are authorized by Japanese pharmaceutical law. We provide professional Spray Tanning at our salon. Self tanning products are also available.

Contact us… info@trisara.jp